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[Update] Google help doc defines Search Analytics impressions, position and clicks

Google has released a new help document that defines the metrics used on the Google Search Analytics report that webmasters can find within the Google Search Console.Specifically, it ...

How to use Pokemon GO gyms: Tips and hints for winning battles with your Pokemon

What is a Pokemon gym? Gyms are specialised locations in the Pokémon GO world. They’re pretty hard to miss as they’re represented by giant towers – usually with ...

Is Google PageRank still important in Seach Engine Optimization?

One of the most important debates in SEO is how important PageRank is nowadays and how much it affects the Search Engine Results. Is PageRank still an important parameter or is it ...
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The 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

#1. Choosing the wrong platform Free or self hosted Most of the WordPress beginners often get confused between these two, and it’s one of the most common ...