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Finally, Auto-Tag Bing Ads URLs For Google Analytics: Bizible Debuts Free Tool by Ginny Marvin



The ability to auto-tag destination URLs in Bing Ads has been one of top product requests for the platform for years now. Manual URL tagging is ire-inducing, error-prone and a real impediment to many advertisers even running campaigns on Bing Ads.

If you use Google Analytics and don’t tag your Bing Ads URLs, that traffic shows up as organic, and you lose insights into how your campaigns are performing post-click. Why Bing Ads hasn’t addressed this problem, I don’t know — especially considering the great effort they’ve put into the “Import from Google AdWords” functionality.

Enter Bizible, a company that powers marketing analytics integrations with Salesforce. Bizible CEO, Aaron Bird, is an alum of the Bing Ads engineering team and understood what a huge pain point this has been for advertisers. He and his team decided to do something about it. Today, the company launched a free auto-tagging tool for Bing Ads at the ad and keyword level.

I test drove the tool last week. It’s easy to use and fast. You can add tags to existing or new campaigns in Bing Ads. You will need to import new campaigns into Bing Ads, and can leave them paused until tagging is in place. On the Bizible site, enter your Bing Ads login credentials (Bizible does not store logins).

You can custom name the UTM tags for source and medium to match your existing naming conventions. It then will append those along with dynamic parameters for content, term and campaign name. The tool won’t override any existing tags.

Choose the campaigns you want to tag, press go, and the tool will add the tagging and return the number of URLs that were tagged successfully — within seconds.