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Garden city Bangalore? 50,000 trees cut, more to go



Garden city could soon become concrete city. Bangalore has lost around 50,000 trees in recent years to infrastructure development and nearly 300 more will soon go for the Metro rail project.
Environmentalists and citizens fear that rampant felling could cost the city its ‘green heritage’ tag. Their fear is supported by heaps of logs of axed trees and tree stumps dotting roads across Bangalore.

“It’s sad to see so many trees being axed down in the name of development. I fell in love with Bangalore because of its green cover, but in recent times, trees are fast vanishing from its landscape,” septuagenarian Praveen Mehta, a native of Punjab who has been settled here for two decades, told IANS.
“Trees are Bangalore’s famed heritage. Please don’t let them vanish so fast,” pleaded Mehta, a former government employee.
As many as 279 more trees will soon be axed down for ‘Namma Metro’ – the upcoming metro rail in central Bangalore, specially near the legislative assembly building Vidhana Soudha and Central College roads.