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Google Webmaster Tools Now Provides Broader & More Diverse Link Data


Google announced that the diverse link data within Google Webmaster Tools is much broader, more diverse cross-section of website links.

What does that mean?

Well, instead of showing you web links in alphabetical order, exported in “lexicographical order” – Google is now showing you sample web links “uniformly from the full spectrum of backlinks rather than alphabetically.” Google says this means your web links will be more diverse, showing you web links from different top-level domains (TLDs) as well as from different and diverse web domain names.

The max number of web links Google will export from Google Webmaster Tools still is about 100,000 backlinks. That won’t change. What has changed is the types of web links Google is showing you in that export.

Google says this will provide a “better overview of those web links” enabling webmasters and SEOs to more easily “clean up any bad web linking practices.”