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Is this the lorry of the future?

Future lorry

With their bluff, towering fronts and seemingly unstoppable might, they are the monoliths of our road network. And although there are differences in the details, most lorries look largely the same.

But as these futuristic designs from MAN and Volvo Trucks show, given the chance they could be a lot more interesting – as well as greener and safer at the same time.

Did you know that the European Union (EU) governs the size and weight of all the lorries and trucks that travel between member countries? The current regulations have been in place since 1996, but now in a drive to improve efficiency and safety, a new EU proposal is set to shake up the rules.

Critics fear this will pave the way for much bigger lorries, so-called ‘mega-trucks’ or ‘gigaliners’. Yet without these changes there seems little hope of significant improvement.

Pictured above, the MAN Concept S dates from 2010, and gives you a good idea about the changes needed to make a much greener truck.