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Majority Of Mobile Ad Spend To Go To Search — emarketer



Digital ad spending continues to shift from desktop to mobile devices, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates on US ad spending.

Search has already undergone a dramatic shift in spending toward mobile, which will continue into the future. In 2010, just 2.1% of all digital search ad dollars were spent on mobile devices. This year, that share will reach 22.1%, and by 2017, eMarketer expects, US advertisers will spend 59.6% of all digital search dollars on mobile.

Mobile ad spending in the US was reported by the IAB to be $3.4 billion in 2012. It’s possible that the number will reach $8.5 billion this year, as the eMarketer forecast indicates; however, that figure may be a bit aggressive.

The firm says that mobile ad spending is accelerating. It will represent just over 20 percent of all digital advertising (and 5 percent of total media) this year according to the forecast.

Undoubtedly, Enhanced Campaigns is playing a role in the growth of mobile search spending. According to StatCounter, Google controls about 83 percent of mobile search, which is down from a high of roughly 94 percent in Q3 last year. However, the company controls a higher share of mobile ad spending.

On a global basis Google “owns” more than 50 percent of all mobile ad spending.

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