Search Engines Keep The Lights Out On Fireworks Ads, Mostly



Happy 4th of July! It’s fireworks season here in the US, a time when online searches for “fireworks” skyrocket.

Yet, ads for explosives and pyrotechnic devices like “firecrackers,” “bottle rockets,” and “fireworks” are not allowed per the advertising policies of Google and Bing — and their respective search partners like AOL, Ask, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

Sam Engle at BrandVerity took a look at how well the search engines are doing at enforcing their own rules during this peak season for festive explosives.

Engle found a few ads that managed to get through. One ad for Indiana-based fireworks store, Uncle Sam Fireworks, showed up on Bing, and Ask (a Google ad partner) had an ad for Dynamite Fireworks. Notice how both ads below claim to be “Closest to Chicago”? Turns out both sites are run by the same company.

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